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Monday, April 23, 2012

Protect Your Tablet From Drops with Wrapsol Grip Pad

Wrapsol develops protective films for mobile devices, and its new Grip Pad is a non-slip material that’s designed to hold your tablet in place, such as on your thigh when you’re sitting down, to help prevent drop damage. The Grid Pad itself is constructed from Wrapsol’s tactilla technology that provides you with a non-sticky, micro-textured gripping material made with durable polyurethane, so it’s not sticky or gummy. Wrapsol indicates that the Grip Pad helps secure your tablet when placed along most slanted surfaces, which gives you the freedom to use two hands to type responses to emails and create documents.

  •  Wrapsol indicates that the Grip Pad can be installed in seconds.
  •  Grip Pad is available in both medium (for 7-inch tablets and e-readers) and large sizes (for 10-inch tablets, such as the iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1).
  •  The Grip Pad helps protect your tablet from damage caused by accidental slips and falls.

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