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Sunday, March 18, 2012

iPhone Insurance

Some people may be interested in your iPhone when you're out, and some may be a little too interested
If you got your handset free on a hefty monthly contract, it's easy to forget that it's an expensive piece of kit that could cost up to £700 to replace. And should your phone go walkabout, if you're only a couple of months into long contract, the depressing fact is that you'll still have to stump up the monthly payments even if you've no longer got an iPhone to show for it. Networks don't give you a shiny new handset because they're nice - they plan to make the cost of the handset back over the course of the contract. This means making you stick to your monthly payments, no matter the excuse. With this in mind, you should always make sure your handset is insured.
Most networks offer insurance, but it's quite expensive. Still cheaper than a whole new handset, but at £10 -£15 per month, it could be an extra £360 over the length of the contract. Specialist third-party insurers will usually offer you a better deal. Protect Your Bubble (, will cover you for just £5.99 per month.
Before you take out dedicated cover, it's worth checking whether your iPhone is covered by your home contents insurance. Most policies include basic cover as standard, but you're probably limited to a maximum claim of £200 - £300 for unnamed items. You can also add your phone as a named item, and some insurers make sure you're insured, in case you're not the one who takes your iPhone from your pocket -will cover this for no additional premium while others will only charge a nominal fee. Some bark accounts also offer mobile phone insurance as a premium option.
There's no replacement for being vigilant, but if the worst comes to worst, it's better off to be covered than face a huge bill for a replacement handset.

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