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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Laptop-buying Checklist

1. User type - think about what you need a laptop for. Is it for occasional web-surfing, daily work use or regular gaming or video-editing?

2. Portability - how often are you actually going to put this computer in a bag and leave the house with it?

3. Power - do you really need the latest ultra-fast, second-generation Intel Core i7 processor?

4. Connectivity - do you need to invest in a 3G dongle or SIM card to make sure you are online wherever you go? Or will Wi-Fi suffice?

5. Netbook vs ultraportable - the netbook is the ideal portable for the casual user, while the ultraportable is a must for the power user.

6. PC versus Mac - PCs are fine for general office or work use, while Macs are ideal for creative tasks such as music production or video editing.

7. Extended warranty or extra insurance - this really depends on how often you plan to travel away from home with your new computer and how much of a risk-taker you are. If you lose it, break it or it gets nicked, what then?

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